Document Management

Improve office productivity and team collaboration by streamlining digital documents with intuitively designed software that empowers your associates and improves workflow.

Why Invest in Document Management?

  • Instant Accessibility & Improved Recall. Unlike traditional paper documents which are limited by their mere physicality, a single digital document can be indexed in a multitude of ways based on your specifications which creates multiple ways to categorize, search and recall the file. Say goodbye to complicated cross filing systems and let the digital age put you back in business with a few simple clicks of the mouse.
  • Improve Collaboration & Remote Access. Traditional files are limiting. Typically they can only be opened and revised by one person at a time and notes are nearly impossible to share digitally. However, document management solutions from Integrity One allow your teams to work collaboratively on the same document at the same time. Never again create additional drafts to provide updates or adjustments. Everyone on the team can access the document at the same time, no matter their physical location and work together to simultaneously generate results. In a world that embraces virtual work groups and aggressive time management skills – what better way to support your associates than by providing state-of-the-art software that can keep up with their tightest deadlines and greatest ideas.
  • Password Protection & Security. Have confidential information that you would like to digitize but have yet to do so, due to security concerns? Document management software is a customizable solution that will allow you to implement passwords, restrict access and create security logs to ensure your documents remain secure while facilitating the flexibility today’s environment requires.
  • Records Retention. Work with Integrity One to install document management software that includes customizable record retention programs, purging all records that have passed their statute of limitations, thereby reducing your legal liability and obligations.
  • Disaster Recovery. Whether you choose a Digital Imaging and back file conversion solution or simply want a way to back up your paper records, Document Management software can also act as a disaster recovery program – protecting your offsite documents from natural or man-made disasters such as fire or theft.